This workout was the CrossFit Amped WOD 1 time on 07/15/2011

Loosen Up

Shoulder Mobility

Warm Up: 2min Burpee Ball



150 wall ball shots for time

men 20# ball

women 14# ball

*RX must be 10 foot target  (use orange beam)

Cool Down


Short Meeting

How Can We Improve?


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Result Type: Time |  Average: 9 mins 53 secs |  Record: 11 secs held by <a href="/profiles/6438">Neville Richter</a>
Taken 29 times by:
RankName ResultDate Taken
1Neville RichterModified 11 secs07/15/2011
2Kyle BaslerRXed 5 mins 33 secs07/15/2011
3Christian MageeRXed 6 mins 37 secs07/15/2011
4David DietzRXed 7 mins 22 secs07/15/2011
5Izzy Cross Fit AmpedRXed 7 mins 32 secs07/15/2011
6Kim BaslerRXed 7 mins 53 secs07/15/2011
7Steve BakerRXed 8 mins 16 secs07/15/2011
8Gina KalilModified 8 mins 24 secs07/15/2011
9Tracy NagaiRXed 8 mins 34 secs07/14/2011
10Damon StromRXed 8 mins 34 secs07/16/2011

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We need to do more pullups, not just cause Casey doesn't like them.
Oh, movements? I like the body weight stuff (except pullups) as well as KB swings, box jumps and wall balls. My least favorites are burpees, power cleans and man makers.
Personally I like any lift which doesn't require a catch at the chest. Pullups, box jumps, rings. And the oddball stuff (firemans carry, tire flips, etc). Most hated: runs, broad jump, anything requiring a shirt ;). Also we need this coconut coleslaw recipe! Where's the cf amped cookbook??
Casey, you Crazy! Haha
Call me crazy, but my all time favorite is FGB.
Awesome Karen times people!!! She's not as mean as you thought right?!?! I'm taking a poll of peoples favorite cf movements and most hated....please comment below...thanks!! Oh yeah....dinner tonight...paleo lobster roll with coconut Coleslaw and unsweetened iced tea! Perfect summer bbq meal in the northeast! Try it out
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